NEW!!! After School Student Enrichment Program

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Big News!!!   We are going to build a new building near the Cross Roads area ( not far from Hwy 70 and Harkers Island Road intersection)  More details will be coming soon!

The great new is:  We will have a brand new building, designed to specifically meet the needs of the ministry we have come to know as “Thebridgedownest” Some of the components of this new building could be:  A  basketball court, computer rooms and class rooms, and a design that works best to help us serve children and youth and seniors.

Great news again… a lot of the money has already been set given for the new building…  Land has been selected and details are being sorted out even as you are reading this… If you would like to make a contribution,

Make check out to “The Bridgedowneast”

send to address:     P.O. Box 397 Harkers Island, NC 28531

For more info on making donations etc. contact Marilyn Springle

at 252 342 0962, or email her at mhs@ec.rr.com


The Bridge Downeast is a Student Center geared toward providing a safe and fun place for teens to meet, hang out, and be mentored by respected adults. We seek to be involved in the community in a number of ways such as: offering math/science camps to middle and high school age youth during the summer in collaboration with Shodor organization out of Durham; partnering with the EF Foundation for Foreign Study (Foreign Exchange Student Program); and sponsoring teams’ participation in the Beaufort Boat-building Challenge.

“The Bridge Downeast” is a non-profit organization with a tax-exempt status. We depend on donations from individuals and businesses all over the county to help support operations.