The Bridge Downeast

The Bridge Downeast is a non-profit organization that seeks to have a positive impact on their community. One way they strive to do so is by offering an after school program for students enrolled in the downeast schools. They also offer a safe and fun place for teens to meet and hang out on the weekends.

In the past, The Bridge Downeast has partnered with several organizations in order to develop opportunities within the community. Some examples include collaborating with Shodor which is a math/science organization out of Durham in order to provide camps for middle and high school students during the summer, partnering with a Foreign Exchange Student Program, and by sponsoring teams participating in the Beaufort Boat-building Challenge.

The Board of Directors recognize that the future of our community lies in today’s youth. Enhancing and supporting their development throughout childhood and adolescence provides the best chance for a successful transition into responsible adulthood.