The mission of The Bridge Downeast is to provide education
and opportunities that enhance, enrich and inspire
youth and families in the Down East communities.

The Bridge Downeast, Inc. is a non-profit organization that seeks to have a positive impact on the Down East Community in Carteret County NC by offering a variety of programs throughout the year.  As a youth center, we promote a community approach to enrichment; offering support, hope and inspiration for our youth as well as families in the community.  In the larger scope of our mission, we consider ourselves a facility that enriches the lives of all of the Down East Community.

A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats

"We are all in the same boat." Students at The Bridge Downeast showing off one of the boats built during the May 2018 Boat Building Challenge.

Our motto is “A rising tide lifts all boats!”

In the past, The Bridge Downeast has partnered with several organizations in order to develop opportunities within the community. Some examples include collaborating with Shodor which is a math/science organization out of Durham in order to provide camps for middle and high school students during the summer, partnering with a Foreign Exchange Student Program, and by sponsoring teams participating in the Beaufort Boat-building Challenge.

New partnerships with institutions in the area are also being developed.  In 2019, The Bridge will be working with Carteret Community College to provide continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities for families. We will also be working with Carteret County Health Department, NC Coastal Federation and many small and large businesses in the area to bring resources to the youth in the Down East communities.

The Board of Directors recognize that the future of our community lies in today’s youth. Enhancing and supporting their development throughout childhood and adolescence provides the best chance for a successful transition into responsible adulthood.

Our Thanks to Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Foundation for helping all your support!