2019 Letter to Our Supporters


All of us at The Bridge Downeast would like to thank you for the support you’ve shown over the past year.  We sincerely hope that you will renew your sponsorship in this program so we can continue to provide services to the youth in the Down East communities. No matter what business you are in you recognize the importance of well-rounded quality education in those that you hire.  Not only does the generous contribution ensure the future growth of the students in the Down East Community today, but it is also an investment in the future of the community. 

You may not know that we work as a 21st Century Community Learning Center and are bound by the regulations set forth by NC Department of public instructions.  This means that everything we do is reported to the Department and must meet rigorous expectations. We are required to maintain the highest of standards.  Every quarter we examine student report cards and analyze their strengths as well as work with Carteret County School System teachers to address individualized goals.  We celebrate the student’s strengths and encourage and provide support to work on weaknesses.   

Your donation also helps us to stay connected to the community.  In 2018, we were able to assist hundreds of families in the Down East Community after Hurricane Florence struck.  We were able to partner with The Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Salvation Army to provide over 50 families with appliances, beds, food, clothing and more. We are currently a member of the Carteret Long Term Recovery Alliance, which will help bring more help and services to those affected by this Hurricane.  We have also begun a collaboration with Carteret Community College to address educational issues on a higher level and how we can help bring college courses Down East.  

For your convenience, we have set up a sponsorship form online at https://thebridgedowneast.org/ways-to-give/become-a-sponsor/.  We encourage you to visit our Facebook page to stay up to date on all the wonderful things we have going on at The Bridge Downeast.

 In the meantime, I am very excited about the progress we have made in this past year and am even more optimistic about what we can achieve in the coming year.  None of it, however, would be possible without supporters like you who believe in the potential of The Bridge Downeast and I am very grateful to each of you.